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Our passion is to provide the very best care to you and your family. We love to hear your feedback about our services and we listen so that we continue to improve our services for you.

Dr. Blankenship Cares about his Patients
Dr Martin is one of the most energetic ppl I have ever met. His enthusiasm for life & his work are definitely what makes him stand out from the rest.

He is concerned about the well being of his patients...not only in a chiropractic way, but as a mentor of health & fitness too.

He will not only adjust you well, but will show you other ways to improve your continued goal towards living a pain free life as best we can.

He & his wife ( office manager) Louise are a great team. I highly recommend them to anyone.
Best Chiropractor
Dr Martin has been the best Chiropractor I have found in Florida, he is not only skilled, but compassionate, caring and in tune with all your needs.
Feeling AMAZING!
Family Chiropractic Plus is a great lovely family owned business who counts with the most professional staff you will ever meet! This was my first time visiting a Chiropractor and Dr. Martin just poured out so my knowledge that I not only felt feeling AMAZING after completing my session but I learned so much from him. Louise is one of the most patient and sweetest persons you will ever meet. Both Dr. Martin and Louise will welcome you with a smile. This is a very good location and the office is beautiful and clean. I appreciate so much that Dr. Martin took the time not only to explain me the process but to TEACH ME what I did not know about my own body. I recommend this place to everyone.Please don't wait until you are hurting, please take care of your spine and please bring the younger ones too as they need it as much as you need it.
Diagnostically Brilliant
Very pleased with how the doctor went above and beyond the norm to determine what was going with my body and how he explained to me what was needed to get better.
Nasal Specific for Severe Sleep Apnea
They are simply good people who want to improve their patients' lives.

I am currently undergoing "Nasal Specific" because of my severe Sleep Apnea. This new technique has definitely improved my sleep - it is deeper, and better! The best part is there are absolutely NO DRUGS! I would recommend this procedure to ANYONE who suffers from Sleep Apnea.

-Sara D.

"Thank you for your lovely review, Sara. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience at Family Chiropractic Plus, St Petersburg! We are thankful, that you allow us to care for you. Have a wonderful week and we look forward to seeing you soon!"

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