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Experienced and Frendly
New to the area n found a great chiropractor ...very flexible on their appointments...friendly and family oriented my daughter has autism n was greeted with open arms...I've been feeling better already n highly recommend there expertise....knowledgeable with no fault n any other insurance will oblige to check for you...
Had my first appointment yesterday and after a great massage that combined stretching and massage, had never had that, then a real adjustment that "cracked me up" and feeling great this morning. Did not have an acute problem or pain just had not had an adjustment in a couple of years and this was perfect.
The family-run practice for Family Chiropractic Plus is truly a stand-alone excellent practice. They don't just say they put their patient care first, they actually do. They have amazing integrity and are welcoming and friendly. I highly recommend Family Chiropractic Plus for your health needs!
"I have become a Patient of Family Chiropractic Plus and I could not be more satisfied. The knowledge, expertise and manner with which both Dr. Blankenship and his wife, Louise, welcome you, serve you and care about all elements of you reaching your Brilliance is priceless! Not only is 'Dr. Martin' helping me live 'well adjusted', Louise has helped me increase the nutritional balance of my diet, as well. If you have not visited their privately owned and operated clinic to date, I urge you to begin as soon as possible. My goal is for my health to be the best at 70 years of age than it has ever been and with their guidance, as one of the support systems I have gathered, I will achieve it!"
After an hour with Chris Lmt, I feel like a wet noodle! I'm so relaxed and feel wonderful! Chris is awesome and the best massage I've ever had. Thanks, guys!
I have been searching for a chiropractor since moving to St Pete 2+ years ago without success. There were a few must haves that I looked for and can happily say have finally found! Clean office space, friendly staff (which doesn't sound like it should be hard to find but it was), knowledge and effectiveness of therapies and respectful interaction with the ability to communicate findings and wellness plan. Sounds like a mouthful but Dr. Martin and Louise are all of the above and then some. I would highly recommend Family Chiropractic Plus for your chiropractic needs.
Susan Whittemore Blank Business Name
I cannot rave enough about this place. Unbelievable friendly yet very professional and knowledgeable. I've had back issues my entire life but have always hesitated to schedule an appointment in fear of the worst. Dr. Blankenship and Louise made me feel more than welcome and comfortable and most importantly we were finally addressing the issues Ive been having. Dr Blankenship was so amazing. He was patient, understanding, kind, the list goes on. If you are someone like me that has anxiety about things like this or if you're hesitant to take that first step.. I totally recommend pulling the trigger and checking this place out. I already have my second appointment scheduled and was crying happy tears when I left. This place deserves 100 stars.
Therese Marie Blank Business Name
I love this place. They are honest, so friendly, very affordable and best of all they are really helping my back naturally! Wonderful find... Thanks, Groupon!
Alyssa Clossin Blank Business Name
Dr. Martin has helped me so much! I was his patient for almost a year, and he really helped me with pain from my car accident injury. He had an approach that was a healthy balance between adjusting me with enough force to align my injured neck and back to provide pain relief, without hurting me. I have had the opposite experience with many chiropractors; either they aren't able to adjust me because they don't use enough force or they hurt me by somehow doing it forcefully but ineffectively. At the time I had a job where I had to be on my feet a lot and I don't know how I would have done it without being treated by Dr. Martin. He truly reduced my pain and increased my quality of life. Thank you, Dr. Martin and congrats on your new business!
Erin Sprague Blank Business Name
So happy I found this amazing chiropractor. I've been going to a chiropractor my whole life in MI, but moving to FL I haven't had luck finding a good one. I have been misdiagnosed multiple times, yet I have finally received a proper diagnosis and I'm getting the care I need. As thorough and satisfying treatment as can be!
Alyssa Kyle Blank Business Name
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