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He fixed my headaches
I love the convenient hours and Dr Martin Blankenship is great. He took care of my headaches and once stayed open late to accommodate me when I called last minute before going on a trip. I highly recommend.
Best Chiropractor Ever!
Dr. Martin Blankenship at Family Chiropractic Plus is an outstanding chiropractor. He takes the time necessary to determine what your particular issues are and then has an arsenal of techniques to achieve the desired adjustments. My wife and daughter see him as well, and we are all extremely pleased with the results. His passion for the job is evident, and he has charisma and positivity in spades - which can be a breath of fresh air at the end of a long day.Do yourself a favor - call ahead, make sure Dr. Martin is on (typically M, Tu, Th, Fr, but it can vary) and swing by. You'll be glad you did.
Dr. Blankenship is one of the best chiropractors I have ever been to. Being an ex-athlete I have seen many chiropractors, but few have ever been as competent as Dr. Blankenship. No matter what the problem, Dr. Blankenship will find a way to help you. He is a talent rarely found.
Donnie Richardson Blank Business Name
Highly recommended
Dr. Martin is an American-trained chiropractor who has returned home from practicing in Australia for the last 15+ years after spending time working in England and Ireland. He is personable, professional and confidently direct in his adjustments. I highly recommend him for your chiropractic needs!
Highly Skilled
Highly skilled, excellent at what he does, you'll be happy with your experience. Great value for the dollar, along with caring staff.
Dr. Martin Blankenship DC has helped me lead a healthier lifestyle all together. Dr. Blankenship is able to treat patients for a number of symptoms and he is very thorough in what he does. From diagnosed conditions to smaller aches and pains you can count on Dr. Blankenship to help you! I highly recommend his care to every bodies family!
Congratulations Dr. Blankenship, well deserved and a long time coming. I could not be happier for you. You helped me a great deal during a difficult injury. Best wishes on sharing your expertise in St. Petersburg!
A Chiropractor that can actually adjust!
I've been seeing Dr. Martin for many year, prior to him moving to Australia and since his return. My whole family missed him while he was gone. We are so happy he has returned to Florida so he can fix my back. Thanks again.
I was luckily introduced to Chiropractic care in 1988 from a young age here in Australia. I use to suffer from excruciating migraines as a child. No doubt it was from falls from bikes amongst other injuries. The doctor took x-rays and soon found that my neck had a similar curve to a paraplegic! Within weeks I was on the road to recovery with Chiropractic care and it didn't take long until I was pain free and very thankful to have a spine that's a lot healthier which helps every part of me from top to toe! :)I have continued Chiropractic care until this day for preventative care! Working as mainly a laborer, like most people I had suffered from lower back pain.Switching over to Doctor Blankenship in the year 2000, I was instantly surprised from the amazingly easier, gentle and precise adjusting techniques Doctor Blankenship can achieve! My previous Doctor was definitely a lot more harsh and adjusted using much stronger and sometimes more uncomfortable adjustments. Doctor Blankenship to me is a Master of is work! Doctor Blankenship accurately pinpoints and adjusts vertebrae and joints a lot more effortlessly and easily than my previous doctor.Not only has Doctor Blankenship helped with my spine over the years, but he helped keep a recovered broken wrist from a dirt bike accident mobile and pain free! When the injury occurred, the Doctor in hospital told me that "Due to the injury, the fracture was definitely going to cause arthritis in my wrist." With regular adjustments it keeps my wrist moving fine and pain free! :)I cannot recommend Chiropractic care and Doctor Blankenship enough! Such a great Doctor and honestly cares about his patients!Unfortunately Doctor Blankenship has moved back to his home State in the U.S. and I have had to find a replacement Chiropractor. Haven't found one as good yet, and don't think I ever will.Best of luck and many thanks Doctor Blankenship!Tony Lubach. (Brisbane, Australia)
Tony Lubach Blank Business Name
Come Back!
Dr Martin was my chiropractor in Australia for over 5 years. I haven't been able to find a replacement quite like him. He is an amazing chiropractor, as well as being a happy, enthusiastic & positive person.He is the only chiropractor I have been to who is able to pinpoint specific areas for adjustment. He was even able to adjust my foot which was causing me pain every morning after recovering from a broken toe. After a couple of adjustments my foot is now pain free!I wish him well in America, but selfishly wish he was still back in Australia. I can't recommend him enough.
Susanne Lubach Blank Business Name
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