What Do I Do After A Motor Vehicle Accident?

When we experience a motor vehicle accident, often our first thoughts are clouded by emotion. “My car is wrecked,” “I’m hurting,” “I’m overwhelmed and confused about Personal Injury Protection,” “What if the accident was my fault?”

With all the emotion, anger, fear and sadness that happens immediately after an accident, it is no wonder that often we make misinformed decisions that ultimately hurt us in the long run. Here are some tips that might help if you or a loved one are ever unfortunate enough to be involved in a vehicle accident:

1. Only go to the Emergency Room after a motor vehicle accident (MVA) if you are SERIOUSLY injured. Hospitals will sometimes run up very large bills associated with your Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA.) An example is an MRI. If you need an MRI the hospital could charge thousands of dollars, whereas an MRI company could be as low as $350. That is a significant difference when you only have $2500 PIP dollars initially!

2. If you talk with the other driver’s insurance company before hiring an attorney, and they ask if you are injured from the accident, make sure you say YES, even if you are only sore (A lot of times injuries are worse over the 48-72 hours after an MVA.)

3. Do not give details of your injuries to the insurance company. Be as general as possible. If you say one specific body part, and later on realize that other body parts start to hurt, the insurance company may only cover your original complaint. Just say “I need to speak to my doctor first.”

4. If you have Group Health Insurance or Medical Payments coverage on your auto insurance policy, use your insurance to get medical treatment after an MVA

5. If you do go to the Emergency Room because of an MVA, and you have group health insurance, make sure to give it to the billing department at the hospital.

6. If you are injured from an MVA, get medical treatment sooner rather than later. You need to see a doctor within 14 days of your MVA. Go to the ER if you are seriously injured, but your Chiropractor or Medical doctor is a more cost-effective option if you are not in need of immediate medical attention.

7. If you do not know what to do after an accident, and you are injured from a MVA, contact Family Chiropractic Plus and we will treat your injuries and refer you to a good attorney to support you through the process.

8. Gaps in treatment after a MVA is very bad for your case. Your treatment is designed to heal your injuries and get you back to living well if you don’t go to your recommended appointments the insurance company may think that your injuries are not severe enough.

9. The at-fault driver’s insurance will not pay upfront for your medical treatment, medical bills as they come due nor pay you for lost income because of being unable to work after the MVA. They will only pay a lump sum settlement after you have completed treatment and will include any legitimate lost income that can be verified by your employer if that is a result of the injuries suffered in the MVA. At Family Chiropractic Plus we will treat you after an MVA and suspend payment until your settlement is finalized. If you are unsure please call and we will endeavor to support you through this challenging time.

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