Best Bars in St Pete

Best Bars in St Pete

Having a few drinks with your friends is one of the most common ways for people to have fun these days. As a result, bars have become a dime a dozen and you can find one just about everywhere around here in St Petersburg (St Pete – more information). Sadly though, not all bars live up to our expectations. Some deliver both poor quality liquor and customer service. If you are anywhere near the Tampa Bay area, I would encourage you to make use of this list of the best bars in St Pete.

The Bends 

The Bends has become quite popular among locals and thus comes highly recommended by residents. The best part about this bar is that it is somewhat off the beaten path and thus not as crowded as bars that are popular with the hipsters crowd. Additionally, this bar put itself on the map because of their special seasonal drinks which leave you begging for more.

Mandarin Hide

Mandarin Hide is another bar that proves to be quite memorable. This bar specializes in cocktails. The atmosphere is great and the drinks are very well done. I especially like the fact that there is both outdoor and indoor seating. Do not be fooled into thinking this bar is overcrowded when you first walk in. You will be pleasantly surprised to notice that the bar gradually seems to open up when you make your way around to the back of the room.

The Blue Goose

This bar is a great dive or cocktails bar. The atmosphere is quite impressive and you can even take your dates there for a few drinks and still appear to be classy. The names of the drinks are both funny and memorable. How would you like to have a ‘Ume No Aki’ after a long day at work or a ‘When Figs Fly’ as your night cap? I must admit that this bar may prove to be a little pricy but they usually have a lot of specials that end up making your trip there much more affordable.

Sly Bar

Sly Bar is often described as a neighbourhood treasure because it is a great place to grab some beer and a few sandwiches. Firstly, the happy hour deals here are incredible. You can get 50% off beer during that time of day. This bar combines excellent service with a delicious collection of drinks and scrumptious sandwiches. What more could I ask for?


JWags comes highly recommended because of the awesome drinks and friendly, knowledgeable staff. The selection of beers and shots here is quite impressive. They even have specialty tequilas like herradura reposado. All in all, you are in for a great time.

I have just listed 5 great options that you would do well to visit whether it is for happy hour or weekend night out. Your choice really depends on which is closest to your location and the type of drinks you are interested in. Regardless of where you intend to visit, please ensure you drink safely and responsibly.