Best Fishing Spots Around St Petersburg FL

Best Fishing Spots in St Petersburg 

St Petersburg Florida is slowing emerging as one the more popular gulf coast cities. It has always been a great place to retire but it has become quite a favourite of young explorers and adventurous families. And once you visit this beautiful city, it will be easy to see why that is so. This city has become the home of nearly 300,000 residents from a variety of age groups, ethnic, socioeconomic and language backgrounds. One thing that seems to unite this wide cross section of people is their love of fishing.

St Petersburg, or St Pete as the locals like to call it, is home to some of the best fishing spots in Florida. St Petersburg, FL – additional information.  In addition to the fact that residents enjoy about 300 days of sunshine each year, the fish also bite all year round. You can catch tons of fish whether you choose to stay close to the shore or not. You can spend all week fishing for snook, tuna, bass, tarpon or even some delicious Spanish mackerel. That sounds like a recipe for an awesome week!

If you are ready to unwind while fishing in beautiful, crystal clear waters, help yourself to this list of some of the best fishing spots in St Petersburg.

Weedon Island Preserve 

This location is a great option if you prefer wade-in flats fishing. This beautiful preserve has been rumoured to have some of the best fish and it is quite easy to get a decent catch here. Best of all, you will not need to rent a boat or hire a guide. All you have to do is get your boots on and walk right in.

Lake Tarpon

Lake Tarpon is another great option because the fish here are huge! Most persons end up catching a lot of bass, which is quite tasty. Some people have reported catching fish up to 19 pounds. You can cook a decent sized meal with that.

Skyway Fishing Pier State Park

Skyway is well known as the world’s longest pier. This beautiful pier was built in 1954 and has been a popular fishing hot spot since then. Skyway is an ideal fishing location because you can easily turn a trip there into an occasion for the entire family since snacks, drinks and an array of fishing supplies are readily available.

Fort De Soto

Fishing in a crowded area can be most unfulfilling. Not only do some people end up scaring off the fish, but it also makes it hard to relax. This is less likely to happen when you plan a trip to Fort De Soto. This gorgeous fishing spot is over 7 miles long so there is plenty of space for you to hide away and catch some serious fish.

Redington Long Pier

Redington Long Pier is a great fishing spot because it is so convenient. This 1200 ft pier stretches into the Gulf of Mexico and gives you direct access to some of the best fish. It is well respected as a historic landmark and is equipped with restrooms, seating and concession stands.


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