Best Shops to Splurge While in St Petersburg, FL

Best Shops to Splurge While in St Petersburg FL

I can only think of a very small handful of people who do not enjoy shopping. What’s there not to like? Shopping is an excellent pastime since it is one of the very few where you get the opportunity to go home with the fruits of your labor. Once you have made a practical budget and included a modest amount for ‘miscellaneous expenses,’ I see no good reason not to splurge a little every now and then. The residents of St Petersburg Fl are no different. St. Petersburg details here.  Let us explore some of their favourite places to shop.

Al Lang Stadium parking lot

Al Lang is a Saturday morning market that has everything! That is because this market has tons of vendors for you to choose from. Most residents primarily visit to purchase some of the fresh, farm grown produce. But you can also find cell phones, jewellery, jams and other food items on sale. There is also live music and it is not uncommon to see couples having a whale of time while they dance openly in the streets.

Morean Art Center 

Shopping does not always have to include only clothes and shoes. Shopping for pieces of art is also another great way to spend your day, and the Morean Art Center is just the place to do it. This quaint little art center is filled with some of the most unique pieces you will ever find. What I find cool is the fact that this museum primarily features the work of local artists and gives you a very accurate taste of the culture of St Petersburg residents.

Tyrone Square Mall 

Visiting Tyrone Square Mall will be one of the best shopping experiences you will have this side of town. This mall has all of the usual suspects, like JC Penny, Tommy Hilfiger and Macy’s. It also features boutique stores like 321 Books which is quite popular since all its books are below $3. The food court is also very convenient and will give you the energy you need to keep having a great time.

The St Pete Store and Visitor Center

If you are visiting for the first time, I would recommend that you do not miss the opportunity to visit The St Pete Store and Visitor Center. This is the best place to get souvenirs and gifts. Best of, most of the items on sale are produced by local craftsmen. I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else because this place features high quality products that will preserve your memories of visiting St Pete for a lifetime. Plus, if they do not have what you need or you are not sure where to go next, the staff there will happily help you find your way.

Brocante Vintage Market 

Buying anything that is one of a kind is always a plus in my books. That is why many flock to Brocante Vintage Market to search for unique, vintage furniture, collector’s items and trinkets. The only disappointment is that this store may be a bit crowded. But that is usually a very good indicator that the prices are reasonable. Additionally, the staff there is quite helpful and very knowledgeable about their products.