Can the weather increase joint pain?

A thunderstorm has arrived in beautiful Florida. You may feel it in your bones!

If you have arthritis, or if you’ve had an older injury, this may be true!

As storms loom, many patients report increased pain in joints, headaches, and flashes of pain in old injuries.  Storms are basically areas of low pressure, so these symptoms are quite normal.

Typical atmospheric pressure is measured by a barometer, and the typical air pressure is approximately 29.92 inches.   The lower the barometer reads, the lower the air pressure.  Air pressure is considered “low” when below 29.70.

When the air pressure decreases, characteristically when colder or tropical weather events occur, your body pressure decreases allowing our body to expand somewhat.  This allows the gases and fluids around the joints to expand, placing pressure on surrounding tissue and nerves.

Older injuries and arthritis may already have increased scar tissue and fluids, resulting in increased aches and pains.  A chiropractic adjustment can restore proper alignment decreasing aches and pains while restoring proper communication between the brain and your nervous system.

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Live Life Well Adjusted!

Dr. Martin

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