Could you have Joint Degeneration?

As a Chiropractor, I am often asked by my patients how a condition manifests.  The reality is that what causes joint degeneration is like asking, how long is a piece of string?  It is almost impossible to accurately articulate how something as insidious as joint degeneration occurs. What I can say is that joints are affected by both small forces over time, such as poor posture and working habits, or greater forces, such as trauma.  We are deteriorating from the moment we are born until the moment we leave this wonderful world.  Fortunately, our bodies are always repairing themselves as well!

When degeneration initially occurs, like tooth decay, it is painless and silent. Overtime bones begin to deform and bone spurs, disc swelling, disc shrinkage, loss of balance, decreased flexibility, stability and strength can all occur.  Due to this your nervous system, chemical structure and even organ function can be affected, making it more difficult to function in our busy, stressful world.

The Phases of Degeneration.

Phase 1.

The spines normal balance and curves may be lost.  Nerves may also be affected, causing communication from the brain to the body to deteriorate.  The body is placed under stress, deteriorating more quickly and can even experience losses in energy.  Chiropractic spinal manipulation is highly effective in this phase.

Phase 2.

The spine shows evidence of decay.  Disc narrowing occurs and bone spurs (calcium build up ligaments) grow in response to altered joint function.  Posture is often significantly affected and stenosis (spinal canal narrowing) may occur.  This phase is often but not always accompanied by some pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety and even some height loss.  This gradual wearing out process is prevalent with 75-80% of individuals over 40 years.  This is why chiropractors always say, “Make sure you maintain your spine!”  Chiropractic Spinal manipulation results are extremely effective with substantial improvement prevalent.

Phase 3.

Greater spinal disc deterioration, postural imbalance, advanced bone spurs resulting in joint fusion and significant nerve damage.  Significant pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety and greater disc height shrinkage presents.  Permanent physical disability occurs.  Chiropractic Spinal manipulation can result in improvement and limited reversal, pain relief and enhanced function.

Phase 4.

Advanced stage of degeneration resulting in significant and permanent incapacity.  Postural imbalance is often severe with range of motion significantly affected. Severe pain, increased physical disability manifesting in apathy due to debilitating nerve damage and permanent scar tissue.  Chiropractic spinal manipulation provides symptomatic relief and reduced deterioration.

Change Your Story – Change Your Life – Change Your Outcome.

Don’t wait until phase four (4) before seeking chiropractic care!  Dr. Martin Blankenship has over twenty-two (22) years of experience slowing and helping to reverse joint degeneration.  When motion is restored, normal function can occur, allowing the bodies innate intelligence to heal itself.

The earlier in life chiropractic care begins, the greater the likelihood that spinal degeneration can be prevented.  Dr. Martin Blankenship treats patients from hours old to the end, bringing years to life and life to your years!

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