Do you experience pain at work?  If yes, it’s probably going to get worse.

Many people are sitting for extended periods of time at work.  Often we sit and work on keyboards and computer screens.  If you are not sitting correctly for extended periods of time at work, you will experience back, shoulder and neck pain.  This is due to improper stress to your muscles and joints and if you endure the pain and maintain poor posture – it will get worse.  The other risks of improper seating posture at work include carpel tunnel, headaches, eyestrain and other symptoms that may not appear to be related to your postural habits!

At Family Chiropractic Plus, St Petersburg we manage the consequence of poor posture daily; patients complain of lower back pain, headaches and an aching and stiff neck.  Fortunately, we can help you not only with reducing your pain through chiropractic adjustments but by providing advice regarding positive changes you can make to your sitting posture and work ergonomics to prevent continued deterioration to your joints.

Avoiding pain at work…

Make sure you are provided with an ergonomic workstation, this includes the option to utilize a standing desk.  Many companies have invested in ergonomic workstations as the research demonstrates a reduction in muscle and joint pain and increased productivity (not a bad outcome).

It is also important to have an ergonomic chair, adjustable computer monitor, foot rest, and keyboard.  An ergonomic chair is intended to support the natural curve of your spine.  While seated your feet should rest comfortably and flat on the floor and a footrest can bring the floor to the level of your feet.  An ergonomic keyboard will support the natural position of the hands and wrists which can help prevent carpal tunnel and deterioration (arthritis).  Taking regular movement breaks is important.  I suggest moving a minimum of every hour and more often if you are already experiencing muscle and joint pain.  In addition, stretching can be a fantastic way to loosen and move your body.  See your chiropractor for advice on type and technique first, particularly if you are already experiencing pain.

Reducing Pain…

Correcting your posture is vital but after years of poor posture this can be challenging and take quite some time to achieve.  However, if longevity, productivity, and health are important to you training, improving your posture is a small price to pay.  So, if you don’t wish to be in pain or you don’t wish to develop pain, you need a positive attitude and conscious awareness.  Come to Family Chiropractic Plus and we will work with you to improve your posture, relieve pain and provide lifestyle advice to avoid re-injury in the future.  Prevention is always better than the cure and a healthy spine is vital to the overall function of your body and therefore, a healthy life.

At Family Chiropractic Plus we are very experienced in dealing with postural issues and will often be able to help you – not only if you are in pain but also to ensure that you don’t develop back, neck and other pain related with poor posture.

Please note that long-term laptop usage is even more detrimental to your spine as the laptop screen and keyboard are too close together, this places the spine under additional stress!


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