Gulf Coast Living in St Petersburg

Gulf Coast Living in St Petersburg

Most people spend their whole lives dreaming of life on the Gulf Coast and it is little wonder why! Somehow life seems less complicated and more exciting when you wake up to the sound of sea gulls and crashing waves. Beach front properties or even homes with a view of the beach are in high demand these days. Many residence who live on the coast often describe life there as one big adventure. But, it is always practical to weigh the pros and the cons before making any major moves. So let’s take some time to explore what life is really like for residents of St Petersburg Florida.

St Petersburg is the fifth largest city in Florida, the second largest in all of the Tampa Bay area and has a population of nearly 300,000. It is ideally nestled on a peninsular located between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. More info on St Petersburg.  It has been fondly dubbed as ‘St Pete’ by local residents. It has also earned the title as the ‘the sunshine city’ since it holds the Guinness World Record for the most consecutives sunny days. You will be pleased to know that on average, residents here enjoy about 360 beautiful days of sunshine. You can have a lot of fun with that!

Many who flock to this coastal city often choose it because the cost of living there is relatively low when compared to other cities nearby. Just a few years ago, St Pete was quite popular as a retirement destination. In recent times, it has however seen an influx of a more youthful crowd. In addition to being a safe haven for retirees, this city is also home to a very vibrant, youthful and artistic crowd. This beautiful city can easily be described as the best of both worlds. Additionally, because of the various age groups of the residents, there is a wide variety of entertainment options to choose from. That means you will always be able to find something fun to do.

Downtown, St Peterburg is also quite remarkable. Like any major town, it has quite a number of high rise office buildings, like the One Progress Plaza. This building has the highest tenant occupancy of all similar structures located on the south west coast of Florida. The charismatic design is both captivating and beautiful. Somehow looking up as this mammoth building will make you feel both tiny and excited. It is really a beautiful sight to behold.

As mentioned before, there are also disadvantages to living on the coast. Chief among them is the threat of natural disasters. Hurricanes and other serious storms have been known to cause untold damage to homes and lives. Rising sea levels due to global warming has also caused much damage to coastal properties as well. This may discourage many from moving to the coast but it is wise to bear in mind that natural disasters come in many shapes and can occur even in cities that lie further inland.