My Handsome Husband is Brilliant!

My husband is brilliant!  Some might say that I’m biased and they would be correct.  However, bias doesn’t mean that I’m wrong, it just means that I have blinkers on.  Well, when it comes to my health I have never been so clear.

When Dr. Martin Blankenship started treating me, some 7 years ago, my list of issues was significant.  I had been suffering from complex U.T.I.s since I was a girl.  In my twenties, it had become a way of life.  I didn’t go longer than 3-6 weeks without another infection and my life was severely challenged by this painful condition.  I would often get kidney infections and my urine would turn blood red.  By the time I met Dr. Martin I was on low dose antibiotics on a permanent basis.  Due to this my body was always tired and I got every infection around.  Why, you might ask?  Well, antibiotics don’t just kill the bad bugs, they also kill the good bugs as well.

The long-term outlook wasn’t positive but I plodded along.  What else could I do?  I had visited all the specialists, undergone every test and procedure available.  No-one could tell me why or give me any solutions to actually get to the root of the problem.  Don’t get me wrong, I still went to work every day and I was very involved in my son’s life but this condition was always with me, pulling me down, wearing me out and sometimes just outright depressing me!

Just to add insult to injury, I had also suffered with sinus issues most of my life.  When I was a girl I had undergone an operation to try to widen the sinus cavities but the operation was unsuccessful.  I suffered from regular sinus infections, had difficulty breathing through my nose and couldn’t smell, and I mean I couldn’t smell anything!  Without even knowing it, this affected my enjoyment of food and as such I was not a foodie.  Food was just something that I needed so I didn’t die.

This makes my life sound downright miserable and it wasn’t.  I had/have a beautiful son and a wonderful job, great friends and family but life was definitely not what it could be.  But I didn’t even know it!

When I started getting regular chiropractic adjustments, I didn’t really think anything would change.  I only underwent the process because I was dating a chiropractor.  Who wouldn’t give it a go, right?  Well things started to change.  I felt a greater freedom of movement immediately.  I could move, get out of bed, function without pain, pain that I didn’t even register was there before.  Over the first three months I knew my body was changing, so much so that I took myself off the antibiotics and I waited… and I waited… and I waited!  Nothing.  The U.T.I. didn’t come back!  I didn’t believe it at first and I kept waiting for those tell tail signs, frequency, pain etc. but nothing.  I have been without a U.T.I. now for 7 years, without the need for any more drugs or specialist appointments.  I can’t begin to describe the joy this has brought me.  The absolute relief and freedom it has given me is a blessing I will always be extraordinarily grateful for.

It doesn’t stop there either, after about a year of regular chiropractic treatment, Dr. Martin discussed with me the option of treating my sinus issues.  Dr. Martin is trained in a unique technique call ‘Nasal Specific’.  This procedure involves an instrument that Dr. Martin places into the sinus cavities, using a small balloon type instrument to move the bones in the skull.  Ultimately this improved the sinus cavities’ function and corrected any subluxations that existed.  I started treatment, weekly for the first month, then fortnightly for another month, then monthly for the next four months.  After the very first treatment I was filling my car with fuel and I noticed something that I hadn’t noticed before.  Petrol smells terrible!  I could smell and breathe through my nose.  I was excited.  The treatment continued and my sinus issues just disappeared.  I’ve had the odd cold since but I haven’t needed medication and I haven’t had sinusitis since then, almost 6 years ago.

I have been so fortunate to be treated by this amazing doctor, outstanding human being and a genuine hero to all those people who rely on Dr. Martin.  He helps to keep them healthy, strong and functioning.  He helps them recover from an accident or just keeps them able to look after themselves for longer into older age.  Dr. Martin is unlike most doctors that I have known, he’s a really good man with a wonderful ability to change people’s lives through chiropractic care!  I know the thought of getting adjusted is scary for some but Dr. Martin is the greatest, you are in such good hands and you will never feel better!

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