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Nasal Specific – A Nasal Allergy Treatment


Do you SNORE?

Unresolvable HEADACHES?

Maybe it’s time to try something you have probably never tried before.  Dr. Martin Blankenship D.C. at Family Chiropractic Plus practices a technique called Nasal Specific.  This is a form of physical medicine that gets results.  Dr. Blankenship has been practicing Nasal Specific since 1995.  He has seen patient’s sinus problems resolve, allergies resolve, snoring go away and more.  Patients have had their sense of smell return; unresolvable headaches stop and allergies diminish and even disappear.

Sinus cavities drain into the nose and back of the throat.  The function of a sinus is to drain!  That’s what they are supposed to do.  For whatever reason the small holes that allow them to drain can close which can cause a multitude of problems.  When your sinuses don’t work properly they can cause headaches, snoring, breathing problems, sinusitis, allergies and just plain old misery.

What is Nasal Specific?  A technique where Dr. Blankenship goes into the nose and manipulates the bones that surround the sinus cavities.  This allows the sinuses to do their job and drain. And drain they will.  One downside of the procedure is that you will most likely have to carry some tissues with you for the rest of the day after the procedure!

How long does it take?  The entire procedure takes approximately 15 minutes the first time and less time thereafter.

How quickly can you get results?  Many patients get at least some results immediately.  It’s not a cure for everyone but you will know within a very short period of time if Nasal Specific will benefit you.

What if I’ve already had surgery on my nose?  Many patients come to the chiropractor for Nasal Specific after experiencing their problems for a long time.  Many of them have had multiple surgeries to widen and open the sinus passages.  While this may address the symptoms of sinus problems, it never addresses what’s causing the sinus openings to close in the first place.  Yes, we may still be able to help, even if you have had previous surgeries.

Usually your first visit is a consultation to describe the process to you and make you aware of what to expect.  This takes about 15 minutes.  If you want to proceed then we book you an appointment for your first procedure.  It’s as simple as that.  How would you like to start breathing better tomorrow?  Tell us that you heard about us from this flyer and we’ll make your initial consult FREE!


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