Outdoor Activities in St Petersburg FL

Outdoor Activities in St Petersburg FL

Residents of St Pete are blessed with the opportunity to enjoy well over 300 beautiful, sunny days per year. In fact, this city holds the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive sunny days. Needless to say, people here love outdoor activities and never shy away from opportunities to make the best use of the weather. In fact, this is what attracted most of the residents here in the first place. If you are new in town, it may be difficult to figure out what to do. This is especially so because there are tons and tons of options.  To know more about St Petersburg…  Here are my top 5 favourite outdoor activities in St Petersburg.

St Petersburg Segway Nature Tour 

The Segway Nature Tour combines two of my favourite things; nature and sporty segways. This 2.5 hour guided tour is both informative and fun. You will have the opportunity to learn more about St Pete’s native flora and fauna, see dolphins and manatees swimming about their business freely and explore beautiful gardens. You will even have the opportunity to tour the oldest living museum in St Pete. It is well worth it and quite reasonable priced.

St Petersburg Speedboat Adventure

This is an excellent option if you are in the mood for something a little bit faster paced. Just imagine the thrill of having the wind blowing through your hair as you guide your boat across the beautiful Tampa Bay waters. What could be more adventurous than that? This adventure is also pretty safe since you will be accompanied by a trained guide.

St. Petersburg Private Sunset Cruise

The St. Petersburg Private Sunset Cruise is a more suitable option for couples. Just imagine spending a romantic evening watching the sun set while sipping wine with that special someone. It literally feels like having your own private yatch. This will be an experience you will not soon forget.

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve Bike Tour from St Petersburg

Fitness enthusiasts are simply unable to resist this opportunity. This is an opportunity to get a workout while getting up-close with nature. You will be able explore the natural habitats of many different species of mammals and birds. Best of all, the tour groups are quite small and intimate so that the entire tour can feel like more of a private journey.

The Fish Hunter Fishing Charters

It will not take you long to figure out that fishing is a national pastime in St Pete. Whether you are new to fishing or an experienced pro, you will enjoy this fishing charter. Having your own personal guide to take you to the best fishing spots and give you pro tips, will make the journey unforgettable. Plus, the fish you catch will be fresh and delicious.

The diversity of the residents makes it easy to understand why there is something for everyone in St Pete. No matter what you are into, you are guaranteed a great time. Best of all, most of these activities are also quite affordably priced.