Why Choose To Live in St Petersburg?

Why Choose to Live in St Petersburg 

I grew up in a metropolitan city that was far too noisy, too dirty and too industrialized for my taste. Needless to say, I did not enjoy living there one bit. There was nowhere for me to play and I never really got to know my neighbours. I decided that my children would not spend their childhood cooped up in a tiny apartment and I worked hard to put things in place to give them a better childhood than mine. That is how we ended up here in St Petersburg Florida.

St Petersburg is located on the Gulf Coast and is the second largest of all the cities in the Tampa Bay area. Click here for more info on St. Petersburg.  This beautiful city is home to little under 300,000 adventurous residents.  It was founded in 1888 as a result of the combined efforts of John C. Williams and Peter Demens. The city got its name from Demens’ childhood hometown; Saint Petersburg, Russia. Although there were only 300 residents when the city was legally registered, the area has since seen a tremendous increase in its population. People flock to this city for 4 main reasons; the weather, the activities, the cost of living and the opportunity to live on the coast.


St Pete is a great city for people who enjoy being outdoors. I can readily say that because the weather is ideal for tons of outdoor and water based activities.  Residents here will readily admit that they moved here since they wanted to enjoy the more than 300 days of sunshine this city experiences each year.


When speaking of activities to participate in while in St Pete, you will quickly come to realize that the possibilities are endless. Firstly, the entire city is reasonably close to Tampa Bay and other large bodies of water. This opens the doors to activities like fishing, swimming and boating. Yatch rentals and guided tours are usually available all year round. Additionally, because there are so many nature reserves and parks, activities like hiking, jogging and biking are also possibilities. Plus it is very easy to incorporate the entire family into any of these activities.

Cost of Living 

St Pete is one of the most affordable of all the Gulf Coast cities. Many people dream of living on the coast and having a house on the beach, all their life. Many also assume that such a dream would never become a reality. Imagine how pleasantly surprised these individuals are when they actually take the time to research the cost of living in St Pete.

Coastal Living 

Anyone who has ever lived in an overcrowded city knows how miserable life can become. People there are selfish and show very little interest in the people around them. The contrast is quite evident when living on the coast. St Pete is made up of many small, intimate communities where neighbours actually make the time to get to know each other. It is not uncommon to see children in their yards or on the beach with other neighbourhood children. Additionally, living near the coast means less air pollution due to smog and is thus better for your health.